22nd October - 16th December 2020

PERIOD: From 22nd of October to 16th of December 2020

EXHIBITION VENUE: Atelier Alice Voglino – Corso Milano, 23 Verona VR

OPENING: Thursday 22nd of October 2020 from 17 to 22 pm

Stefano Cescon, in researching the relationship between shape and color, finds in wax the ideal medium, soft, comfortable, reactive and unpredictable, useful for explore the change over time of the shape when contained in predefined spaces. In particular, the research developed in the last year of work is based on the dialectical relationship between specular elements: the balance between surface forces (lateral and frontal) and the tonal passages. Where the shape is constrained or contained in a geometric structure, the wax stands as a counterbalance able to restore softness and expressiveness to the final result.

The Honey boxes and Honey panels works consist of layers of beeswax mixed with stearin, paraffin and oil colors, compressed in geometric spaces and superimposed in temporal sequences which, as a result, give rise to variable and changing chromatic stratifications, from different visual consistency albeit in rigid forms. Sediments of an ideal dialogue between the virtual of the chromatic suggestions that Stefano Cescon captures from the online images and the real of the processed material. Sediments of interactions not totally controllable in the final result, balances and reactions that exist between artist and material, between shape and color, between rigidity and softness which, lasting over time, maintain their nature and are resilient testimony. “I never really know what to expect – says Stefano Cescon – if the work corresponds more or less to the initial idea or if it followed another direction. The latest work is the most rewarding for me, because the surprise is greater and allows me to continue my research while keeping the amazement and the feeling of traveling unexplored roads alive each time “.

Cescon’s works recall the succession of time in the archaeological stratifications where each layer is connected to the other, its origin and derivation. They can be metaphors of life, reminding us that men too are crystallized sediments of lived life, polymorphic multilayers of experiences, memories, cultures and traditions accumulated over time, from which they are shaped and of which they are individual and imponderable expression.

The exhibition, curated by Cristina Cuttica, is hosted in the atelier of Alice Voglino, a painter who conceives color as an intimate factor through which to get in touch with oneself and investigate the essence of things. In addition to being Alice Voglino’s studio and permanent exhibition of her works, at certain times of the year the atelier hosts emerging artists with a similar conception of color.

The exhibition opens to the public on Thursday 22nd of October from 17 to 20 pm. It can be visited by reservation at the number +39 3407998911 (phone call, sms, whatsapp) until 16th of December 2020, at these times: from Monday to Friday, 15-19 pm, at Atelier Alice Voglino, in Corso Milano, 23 in Verona (VR). The entrance to the exhibition spaces is permitted as the Anti-Covid regulations currently in force.