The Flow

20.10.2022 – 22.10.2022
Opening: 22 october 6 – 9 p.m

Three Korean artists realized their work in their own way, highly respected in ceramics, watercolor and sculpture, with the common theme ‘The Flow’.

Flow of Time
Kwang Ok Song

The harmony of the free form and pattern of Buncheong ware, which was produced for 200 years from the mid – 13th century to the mid – 15th century, has the pictorial nature of modern art. This is because realistic patterns, animal patterns , and abstract patterns harmonise with objects and show the artist’s creative skill. The artist intends to show the historic nature of Buncheong ware through the modern form and abstract drawing

Flow of State
San Ha Park

The theme of this work, the flow, is a state of mind that I am completely immersed in while enjoying the moment without being conscious of anything.
When I worked on “Without any concern” I listened to “quando, quando, quando,” one of the light and clear Bossa Nova genre songs in Malaga, Spain. I didn’t sketch with such a light and light heart, but I just came out of the natural flow that flows through the scenery and mood. As we express that we are united in the flow of time and space without taking time to feel completely at ease and enjoy the moment, I think this work incorporates such a peaceful mind and flow.I hope you enjoy the complete flow and tranquility that you can feel in this work together.

Flow of Consciousness
Giuno Kim

The method of freely drawing the artist’s disorderly and miscellaneous world of consciousness is called the stream of consciousness technique. Consciousness is something that belongs to an individual’s mind and is continuously changing and flowing. Our inner world is a constant stream of thoughts and consciousness. However, the thoughts, memories, and feelings that come to mind do not appear in an orderly fashion.As a sculptor, I try to express the thoughts and images floating around in my head. Rather than having a specific shape, I try to sculpt the directions freely as I go. I want the fragments of my experiences and habits so far to be revealed purely through my work, regardless of logical causality. I think that is my artistic ability and the unadorned appearance of a sculptor.