MUSE 2023 – Public Special Mention Winner | PAOLO TRENI

Paolo Treni is the winner of the Public Special Mention in the MUSE Digital Art Award

The award-winning work is “Energon Cave“. The MUSE Digital Art Award’s Finalists Exhibition was hosted at the prestigious Fabbrica del Vapore until 12nd of December.

Paolo Treni lives and works between Brescia, Milan and Berlin. In Milan, he obtained his master’s degree in Communication at the Catholic University and graduated from the Arsenale Theater School.

Paolo’s creations are simulacra in perpetual dance with light. Colors dynamically shift with changing light conditions, inviting viewers to experience the pulsating energy of living matter. His art emanates from a journey into emotional memory, drawing on the fantastic dimension where inner visions merge with collective imagination. Crafting poetry through the medium of light, Paolo explores the captivating relationships between color and form. His artworks beckon observers into a contemplative dimension, offering a gateway to inner immersion.

Paolo Treni is now exhibiting at the group exhibition “ORTHOGONAL LANDSCAPE” in the Gallery until 13rd of January. Energon Cave” video we display here is directly related to the “frame” image that won the Award.