SPAZIO PAePa // “Ribellarsi è giusto”

10.04 – 10.05

Spazio PAePA directed by Giuliano and Nunzia Papalini is pleased to host from April 10 to May 10, 2024 “Ribellarsi è giusto”, a double solo exhibition by artists Paolo Ceribelli (Milan 1978) and Carlo Rocchi Bilancini (Todi 1973).

Paolo Ceribelli, a visionary and countercultural artist rebels against war and its instruments of death and destruction with mockery and irony. With the colored plastic toy soldiers that are the stylistic hallmark of his visual research, lined up on the canvas he deploys imaginary armies that go on to compose fantastic planispheres. Or making tapestries with Middle Eastern references that bring to mind the struggle of Iranian women for freedom.

Ribellarsi è giusto” against commonplaces, as does Carlo Rocchi Bilancini, an artist photographer who has chosen water, often in common feeling perceived with fear and distrust, as the absolute protagonist of his research. In his shots, shown in the exhibition, burqa-covered women immersed in the pool, seem to be in their natural environment and in the water, they find and acquire that freedom that on earth is denied to them.