U.N.A. United Nations of Artists | Roberto Pietrosanti

Saturday, May 6, marks the opening of the first stage of the widespread U.N.A. United Nations of Artists project, a series of exhibitions in heterogeneous spaces located in iconic places in Umbria such as Todi, Trevi, Narni, and Acquasparta. The openings will run from May to September 2023.

Matteo Boetti is the creator and curator and intends in this way to celebrate his 30 years of work in the art world.

On the occasion of this anniversary, a large number of artists, both internationally known and young emerging, have been invited to investigate highly topical issues such as the concept of “glocal,” after a 30-year career as a gallery owner and curator Matteo Boetti presents U.N.A. United Nations of Artists

Among the artists on display is Roberto Pietrosanti.

VITREI NON TRIVIALI TIROCINI | 10th of June 2023, Trevi
Palazzo Lucarini, via Beato Placido Riccardi

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