MUSEO DEL TESSILE BUSTO ARSIZIO (VA) | Andrea Sbra Perego & Federica Patera

THE SOFT REVOLUTION | 9 – 20.10.2022
Museo del Tessile di Busto Arsizio, Sala delle Feste e Sala Gemella

Artistic duo Andrea Sbra Perego and Federica Patera are among the artists involved in the group show: THE SOFT REVOLUTION the exhibition included in the 25th Anniversary events of WTA WorldTextile Art, at Busto Arsizio Textile Museum, Sala delle Feste and Sala Gemella.

The organization is founded by Pilar Tobón in 1997, celebrating its silver jubilee with the 10th International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art, the most international in its history since it will be held simultaneously in fifteen countries around the world, having as its main venue the city of Miami, Florida, with the event at Miami International Fine Arts, and the “25ARTISTS WTA” Salons in the different member countries.

The exhibition recounts through the work of several generations of artists from different backgrounds and geographical origins active in the italian – and international – contemporary art scene the revolutionary figure of the language of fiber art.