Space Hurts with works by Monica Mazzone
Nov. 19-Dec. 15

The NARS Foundation is proud to present Space Hurts, a solo show of Italian artist Monica Mazzone where geometric forms and proportions go beyond construction and compositional technical objectives becoming synthesis of emotional architectural configurations.

Emotive geometry, so Mazzone names her entire research, is a path of empirical measurement of emotional states, an open and passionate discourse of knowledge of the world.

Grounded into the idea of being able to perceive and visually express the obsession for perfection, investigating existential themes such as the question of identity, the ability of individual expression and the relationship between self and reality, the body of works investigates the meaning of the entities that we usually called dimensions mapping the space that surrounds and contains us with the intent to rationalize one’s own emotions and make them communicable.

Does a geometric feeling of space exist? Is possible to perceive the collective space as the sum of the spaces invaded by the individuals? Is there space between a tear and the eye?

Cold aluminum drops, folded by hand, appear above paintings with minimal and absurd constrictions – with resonances of ancient mythologies such as Greek and Egyptian – suggesting the ambition to create a universal visual language, where eternal and enigmatic symbolic geometric forms push the individual to recognize himself through spirituality and timeless memories. Warmth of oil paintings gives vibrancy to flat and soft shades of colors.

Working into liminal space between painting and sculpture, transcending the boundaries of volume and capturing metaphorical limits into straight mathematically-determined geometric forms, two and three-dimensionality are combined together with a precise balance between formal and conceptual outcome.

These spatial structures are perceived as parts of a rhythm, an order, and show the sentimental relationship between seeing and knowing, a method to shift consciousness and achieve a merging of action and awareness.