Born in Milan, Italy in 2006 the imaginative tandem of Antonio Managò and Simone Zecubi originally came together to produce performance art. Over time, they grew to focus on the development of Contemporary Artworks, showcasing different creative languages and techniques, such as photography, painting, performance, video, installation and drawing. While early works experimented with largely surrealistic notions, dynamic compositions, colour and various shapes, the main concentration was always on a human in all its emotional and physical intricacy.

In recent years the focal point of the pieces was the protagonist’s profound and genuine internal journey represented not through simplicity of the facial expression but through complexity postures, gestures, tonality and overall atmosphere of the composition. The creative process was truly bespoke and began with a stage-like setting where all interior details, objects and protagonists are covered by hand with a thin fabric. The setting is later photographed, and the main goal of post-production is not to modify a composition, but to work on imperfections, thus allowing the piece to preserve its full authenticity.

J&PEG’s artworks have found their way into private collections and have been exhibited in renowned foundations, museums, and galleries including the Mart Museum of Rovereto, Castello Sforzesco – Villa Reale – Palazzo della Regione in Milan, Boghossian Foundation in Brussels, and Stadtgalerie in Kiel.

Their works have also been featured in various art magazines, books, and catalogs, further contributing to their recognition and reach within the art world.